Monday, March 14, 2011

Leg hair how to remove it!

Sure everyone that wants hair free legs knows what a hassle it is.  If you are one of those that shaves, which we have all tried it, you know how pains taking it is.  To do a good job shaving your legs it can take 1/2 hour or longer, for males this time is greatly increased.  Then you just have to turn around in a few short days and do it all over again.  But shaving also has a pitfall that man do not want to deal with and that is razor bumps.  The red bumps that are caused by the reemergence of new hair.  this can be very unsightly and look absolutely horrible.  Imagine you are in a body building competion, you are doing a photo shoot and your legs look like you have a rash that is of an unknown origin.  Wow, could that we devastating!!

So what do you do?  Well I know what I do and it works, everytime.  You have seen several pictures of me on this blog and on do you see one single razor bump?  Do you see any rash?  HELL NO!!!  And I can tell you, you never will.  Why, you say?

First of all we need to know what these damn little red bumps come from.  When you shave with a razor blade the hair is cut at an angle as you draw the razor across your skin.  This angle can be very sharp like a little spear.  As the hair starts to grow again, this little spear tried to poke through the new skin and it causes irritation.  Yep RED BUMPS!!

So what do I do?  I say not only NO to Razors, I say HELL NO!!  Plus it would take me forever to shave my legs with a razor having to completely rinse off all the hair every time a made a single swipe.

So what do I use???  I use Nair....OK you are all saying this is no new revalation.  Nair has been around for years.  But you are only partially right.  Sure Nair has been around for years, but Nair for Men has only come on the market a few short years ago.  Ok, and you say so what, what is the difference?  Let me tell you it is the difference between night and day. 

Poor women have used Nair for many years and I feel bad for them.  Nair for Women is very harsh to the skin.  I used Nair for women many years ago, and everytime I did the chemical in it gave me a kind of burn on what ever area I put it on.  Sure it removed the hair, but it took days untill the redness and soreness went away. 

Nair for Men is competely different, do I know why?  No!  But all I know is that it works great and I have never had a single discomfort, and I even use it on my testicles...OK TMI! 

Nair for Men comes in a spray or a cream as shown below:

They both work GREAT, but the Spray is easiest for large areas like my legs...LOL!  You simply spray it on...

and wait the FULL ten minutes as directed on the can and in a warm shower just wipe the hair away with a wet wash cloth.  You will not believe how easy and great it works.  You will be hooked for life.  OK, it is a little pricy about $7.00 a can, but a can should last you two applications, unless you have huge legs.

I have found the cheapest place to buy it is at Target, although they have it at most stores.

REMEMBER: Nair for Men!!!!  ONLY!!!
Do not buy ANY other form of Nair
and come back and say it burns.....I warned you about the other Nair Products!

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